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FIVE8, the best-kept secret of Montreal Street Art

Five8 from graffitis to murals - one of the most appreciated street artists in the Montreal scene.

Five8, el secreto mejor guardado del arte urbano de Montreal

Five8 - Five8 de graffiti para murales; Uno de los artistas de arte urbano más apreciados de la escena de Montreal.

Streetart Montreal and everywhere – Retrospective 2016

2016 has been a great year for Streetart in Montreal and everywhere.

Una galería de arte urbano al servicio de la población.

-   Mexico - Este central de la Ciudad de México (Pour version française)  A lo largo de la avenida Congreso de la Unión, la parte por debajo del viaducto de la línea 4 del metro ha sido transformada en una galería de arte al aire libre. Hace algunos años, este barrio parecía olvidado. Lleno de despojos ...

Une galerie d’art urbain au service de la population.

Mexico city. Congreso de la Unión. Quand 3 km de piliers sous un viaduc de la ligne 4 du métro devient un musée d'art à ciel ouvert.

Story of a wall with Mister “Astro” !

Montreal, May 2016. I was contacted in March 2016 by the school St-Enfant Jésus to help them put a little bit of "joy" in their schoolyard: 6 beige-grey sheds need to be painted by an artist of street art. After having presented several Montreal Street Artists, they choose Astro. Here are the steps of the creation of this  artwork. Sketch ...

MTL Zoo édition 2016

L’édition 2016 de MTL ZOO a été lancé le 6 mai dernier à la Artgang Galerie. Toujours à la barre de ce regroupement artistique depuis octobre 2012, les artistes Bonar et Fonky nous ont offert, une fois encore, une super exposition à la hauteur de sa réputation. Depuis ces débuts, cette expo annuelle est connue ...

2016 – The Week in Pictures (W10-11)

Week 10-11: Pictures from March 04-20 Area: Rosemont, Hochelaga and Tunnel Rouen, Mile-End + overview of some pieces from the Art Show Cheap. Artists (alpha order): A-Shop, Alex Produkt Axe, Bonar et Opire, Dodo Ose, Fléo,Lovebot, MissMe, Scaner and more ! FAVORITE picture of the Week: 1. Rosemont - Remnant of the past Chromatic Block ...


2016 – The Week in Pictures (W8-9)

Week 8-9: Pictures from February 26 to March 04 For this new week in pictures, I take you in many different areas (Mile-End, Little-Italie, Mile-Ex, Rosemont and Homa )  to discover old and new pieces in town. MissMe, Futur Lasor now, Listen, Swarm, MSHL and much, much more ! 1. Mile-End All 3 next are on the same wall.... ...A very interesting tunnel (but dark) ...

The Chosen One Percent by Earth Crusher

Mission accomplished for Mr. Earth Crusher yesterday night for the Earth Crusher - The Chosen One Percent  organized by Earth Crusher and Slave Made Brand. Presented at Artgang Montreal, this event showed us 4 pieces from his usual multinational CEO but in a very original way. Each piece was arranged as a large billboard with metal art signature. **** See below for other pieces. I can't count all ...