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20140322_131153-2 8 par 10 RondIF WALLS COULD TALK MTL began in 2014 as a place for people who would like to know a little bit more about the street art and Graffitis from Montreal and “everywhere”. The main focus is on coverage street art and graffiti based on real interaction with the artists that make that scene famous.

So, keep in touch to be up to date on what’s going on with street art in this big city that never sleep !

Little bit about your host:

mural-fest-from-val-3My name is Nickie Robinson. I am the eye and the feather behind “If walls could talk MTL”.

I am a professional journalist and photographer, specialized in street art.

My mantra: “Life Is too Short to Be Little” – Disraeli

So, couple of year ago, I chose to leave behind greyish offices, suits and security. Now, I love what I do, spend my time with people who feel the same and, the most important, I get up every morning with a big smile.

Do you feel bored to see the same mural ever and ever without knowing who is the artist behind it?

I work with local and international artists and I collaborate with urban festivals around the world – I’m not only shooting finished wall. I’m there during all the process so I’m in a good position to make you feel part of it by shooting artists in action and creating images with a “personal” touch.

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