Swarm – An artist in constant evolution

Yesterday it was the OUT THERE // IN HERE: A Multidisciplinary Art Show organized by Swarm.

Being an artist in the Montreal scene is not an easy thing. Each artist must stand out and find is own place.

Swarm is definitively in a special category. Halfway between art and street-art, this young artist is eveywhere to spread her message: defend and protect the beauty of the universe.

In this second solo expo, the emphasis is set on naturally occurring patterns  throughout all levels of the universe. If the political, anti-colonialism and social consciousness side are less present than in her street work, the result is very interesting.

Her recent work shows a nice evolution of the artist. Lot of exploration with different medias and supports: painted wood pieces, installations, mix of painting and wheatpastes in her own special style.  She found new ways to tell the same stories: spread the message of the beauty that our universe creates.

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For this opening, we had a DJ-VJ special performance by Pith and the Parenchymas.



In April 2015, in our interview, she said: “I draw from my soul and experiences in my artI draw from where I’m standing. “With this new expo see definitively shows us that she’s not the kind of artist to wait and remain in the same place.

The show will be up for all of February** at Café L’Artère, coopérative de solidarité, 7000 avenue du Parc, Montréal.

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