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“Chiaroscuro : A Stikki Obsession”. La renaissance au service d’un “Street Art” différent.

La dernière exposition de l'artiste urbain Stikki Peaches se joue de la Renaissance.

Earth Crusher – Portrait of the artist and the man behind the machine

Whether you call him Earth Crusher, Dré or simply Marc-André, for his friends, this man is one of the must-know artists on the Montreal scene. Earth Crusher is a character.  An immoral character created by the Montréal artist Dré. A pure invention. It represents the unscrupulous capitalist, shameless, imbued with itself, for whom the EARTH ...

Under Pressure festival. Like a big jam – Just for fun.

For the 22nd year in a row, the Under Pressure Festival will be held in Montreal from August 9th to 13th. Overview of a festival not like any other. ---The french version of this article was published in Beware! Under Pressure, or UP for those in the know, describes itself as a graffiti festival, but ...

The summer 2017 most interesting street art festivals

A list of some of the biggest street art festivals and some others that are smaller but special and should be very interesting.

Spraycan ART – L’imagination à l’honneur

La deuxième expo du collectif Chrome a été lancée hier soir le 26 mai 2017 à la galerie Artgang . Sous le titre "Spraycan ART", l'exposition fait référence à l'ouvrage d'Henri Chalfant (1987) qui est considéré comme un livre culte sur les débuts de la culture graffiti." - réf. Chrome MTL Les organisateurs, Naïmo Naïmo et Charles ...

Pour son 5ième anniversaire, le festival Mural s’organise tout un party !

Mural Festival propose une programmation spéciale pour célébrer son 5ième anniversaire. En voici un bref aperçu.

FIVE8, the best-kept secret of Montreal Street Art

Five8 from graffitis to murals - one of the most appreciated street artists in the Montreal scene.

Five8, el secreto mejor guardado del arte urbano de Montreal

Five8 - Five8 de graffiti para murales; Uno de los artistas de arte urbano más apreciados de la escena de Montreal.

Streetart Montreal and everywhere – Retrospective 2016

2016 has been a great year for Streetart in Montreal and everywhere.

Story of a wall with Mister “Astro” !

Montreal, May 2016. I was contacted in March 2016 by the school St-Enfant Jésus to help them put a little bit of "joy" in their schoolyard: 6 beige-grey sheds need to be painted by an artist of street art. After having presented several Montreal Street Artists, they choose Astro. Here are the steps of the creation of this  artwork. Sketch ...