2015 Pictures of the Week (W12)

This week I invite you in the quadrilateral Roy, St-Laurent, St Joseph, St-Denis  to discover old and new stock
Week 12: Pictures from March 16 to March 22

1. Quadrilateral Roy, St-Laurent, St Joseph, St-Denis. (by alphabetical order)

Chris Dyer… the colors of the sun !

Futur Lasor Now… the prolific !


Sickers & Wheatpastes – “RAY” serie

Sickers & Wheatpastes – “Cartoon” series

Sickers & Wheatpastes – ” Illuminati” series

Graffiti Knight… all in subtlety !

Kat…the animal in us !

Mono Sourcil… only the “sourcil” is mono !

Roc514… the friendly little bird !

Stela… the feminist !

Swarm… all levels of the universe !

Turtle Cap… Turtle attack on the town !

Waxhead… his weird creatures are everywhere in this area.


Miscellanious…but not least.

Stikki Peaches at Station 16

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