“Kat” – The woman behind the animals.

Kat is a woman artist/street artist from Paris, based in Montreal.

She beautifies our streets and squares of her incredible wheatpastes to protest against animal cruelty and raise awareness of the public about this revolting situation.

©Copyright Kat

Interview with the artist – April 2015.

1. Who are you ? (Tell us a little bit about you)

Kat : « I’ m a painter.  I’m doing painting and drawing but I’m also doing Street Art. »

1.a  What is your artist’s name or alias (aka) and how did you get it? / Are you using a single name or do you have multiple names, tags?

Kat : « My Street Art name is Kat. »


Kat : «This name was found by André Pace. I met him a few years ago and we became friends.  André is passionate about art and also an art collector.

Before, I used this name only for my  paste up but now, I use it for all my work. » 

KAT - St-Dom

1.b  Where are you from? If you’re not from Montreal, what brought you to Montreal?

Kat :« I’m from Paris and I came to Montréal to change my life 4 years ago. I wanted to live something new and get a new start…. »

2. The beginning.

2.a  When did you start painting/working on walls? (What year did you start working on walls ?) / In which neighborhood did you start in?

Kat :« I began to paste last spring (2014) in Montreal, around Saint-Laurent and the Plateau. »

The first paste of Kat on a Montreal wall.

The first paste of Kat on a Montreal wall.

2.b  How did you start doing graffiti?

Kat :« I started doing paste up after long talks with my friend André. He told me that street art was a really good way to show my work to a large public. He pushed me and encouraged to do it and I am really grateful because I love it! »

3. Inspiration

Who or what inspired you to started writing for the first time? / Now what artist or movement influenced you the most?

Kat :« I have always been concerned with animal abuses and have always fight against animal cruelty. In the same time my passion for drawing and painting has never left me since I was a child.

Then why not joining both? And which better place that street to show your work and to try to make people more concerned with animal conditions? I don’t paint only “animal rights”subjects but i try to mix with my surrealistic universe.

I actually like Roa and Phlegm a lot. I would say the first one for the subject and the second one for the creativity and his surrealistic world. I have always been a huge fan of Francis Bacon and surrealism. »

4. Works

New - Mai 2015

New – Mai 2015

4.a  How do you describe your work (personal style and how it has progressed)?  

Kat :« My work was really darker and gory few years ago. I got into a series of portraits raising masks of animals in 2013 (see “Kat’s museum” above) and I have finally chosen to more dehumanize faces and bodies to leave more importance (place) to the mask and the animal.  »

Kat meticulously chosen where she puts her pastes. The place should provide good visibility but also be in concordance with the presented topic or the piece.

Kat - Plateau Taureau

Kat :« Right now I am mixing my series of animal masks with the drawing I am used to do and it’s more stylized and surrealistic. »

Kat - pieuvre atelier

New works on the work table.From the workshop to the walls

New works on walls….. (see also 4c)

4.b  Which tools, kind of paint, colors and supplies are you using? / What are your favorite’s supports or media?

Kat :« I use acrylic and craft paper. Paper is my favourite supports and I would say that I love to draw with classic pencil. »

Kat's workshop

Kat’s workshop

4.c  Does your art have to reflect a message or are you driven only by artistic intent?

Kat :« I would say both: I want to express a message which means a lot to me for several years (I’m vegetarian since 20 years) and in the same time, street are an open art gallery where you can show your work to more people and touch a large public. I’m really concerned with animal rights since a pretty long time and I feel a little as I “speak” for them. »

Having seen several documentaries about the animal abuse and cruelty, she decided that she had to transpose all these horrors into her works and pastes.

It helps us to understand why EYES have a so big importance in its works.

Kat :« Sometimes I burn and sew the eyes to make stronger impact. »

Plateau Mt-Royal Closer look

Eye’s detail

Note: The “red touches” on some Kat’s paste are not always from her.

This most surprising in his paintings is the texture. Various materials are incorporated into her paintings to make them more real: artificial feathers, molted snake skins, rope.

4.d  What is your favorite own piece?

Kat :« My own favorite street art piece is the elephant. It is behind the bars with his tusk hung on bars with a true cord. »

Note: look closer and you will notice the sadness in the eyes of this elephant.

Kat - Plateau Elephant

Kat is it a real workaholic. She tends to be a little bit obsessive with her art.

Sometimes I go out with friends and I can not wait to return at home to get back to work. »

4.e  What make you different from other street artists that you see around in town and how important is style and originality in your art & graffiti?

Kat :« There are a lot of street artists at the moment at Montréal. If you want to distinguish yourselves from others, it is necessary to have your own style and to be different… »

And Kat is definitely different.

With her choice of subjects and her very personal way of presenting them, its pastes are easily recognizable.

5. Interaction

What do you prefer – painting alone or with other writers (in collaboration or just friends)? Could you explain your choice? / Who are your main partners?

Kat :« I’m painting alone.

I really don’t like “art battle”. For me, painting is not a challenge against other painters but more a challenge with myself. »

Are you member of a crew? If yes, please specify the name(s) of the crews you are writing with and why are you choice it/them?

Kat : « »

6. Good/bad story

Have you ever been fined or have you ever been arrested for your graffiti?

Kat : « »

Any good/bad stories you would like to share with us?

Kat : « »

The Kat’s “gallery”

Kate’s apartment is a real museum. There are paintings everywhere and the walls are covered by works of his very personal art.

The “Mask” series.

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Email:  KatstreetArt@gmail.com  or Email Her.


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