The Week in pictures (2016-2015)

You love Street Art and graffitis. You are curious of what happens in the Montréal’s street.

Take a look at those picture’s galleries.

  • Weeks 10-11 (March 7 to 20) –  A-Shop, Alex Produkt Axe, Bonar et Opire, Dodo Ose, Fléo, Labrona, Lovebot, MissMe, Scaner and more !
  • Weeks 8-9 (Feb. 26 to March 04) – With MissMe, Futur Lasor now, Listen, Swarm, MSHL and much, much more ! Mile-End, Little-Italie, Mile-Ex, Rosemont and Homa.
  • Weeks 5-6 (Feb. 1-14) Stickers Porn at Honolulu.
2015 (Archives)
  •  Week 13 (March 16-22) – The cathedral, an abandonned building, Mercier & Homa. With Astro, Axe, Listen, Mono Sourcil, Scaner, Stela, Waxhead and much, much more !
  • Week 12 (March 16) – Chris Dyer, Future Lasor Now, Graffiti Knight, Kat, Mono Sourcil and much more.
  • Through the West. From St-Henri to Côte St-Luc. With Listen, Canada Malting Co. building, Fin DAC and Angelina Christina for Mural 2013.
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