2016 – The Week in Pictures (W10-11)

Week 10-11: Pictures from March 04-20

Area: Rosemont, Hochelaga and Tunnel Rouen, Mile-End + overview of some pieces from the Art Show Cheap.

Artists (alpha order): A-Shop, Alex Produkt Axe, Bonar et Opire, Dodo Ose, Fléo,Lovebot, MissMe, Scaner and more !

FAVORITE picture of the Week:


Axe, Lovebot, others and the moon !

1. Rosemont – Remnant of the past Chromatic Block Party – June 2015 (and after)

Funny stickers


2. Hochelaga




Paste by Labrona

Hochelaga – Tunnel Rouen (legal wall)

3. Mile-End

4. Art Show Cheap

À la semaine prochaine / See you next week.

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