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The Chosen One Percent by Earth Crusher

Mission accomplished for Mr. Earth Crusher yesterday night for the Earth Crusher – The Chosen One Percent  organized by Earth Crusher and Slave Made Brand.

Photo ©Earth Crusher

Presented at Artgang Montreal, this event showed us 4 pieces from his usual multinational CEO but in a very original way. Each piece was arranged as a large billboard with metal art signature.

Photo ©Nickie Robinson

**** See below for other pieces.

I can’t count all the artists and members of the community who passed at the expo as they are too many. A very nice mixe-up crowd. If we evaluate an artist by the sum of people and other artist from the community who came to support him, Earth Crusher is definitively a greatly appreciate man.

An happy man with his homie Five8. Photo ©Nickie Robinson

This sucessful event wasn’t be the same without the music of DJ Sagewondah and the special set of Walla P, founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique.

Walla P – Photo ©Nickie Robinson

I’ll leave you with a few pictures  from the show.

Congratulations at Earth Crusher and the ArtGang! And thank you all for this nice event.


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