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The Week in Pictures (Week 13)

For this week in pictures, I invite you in 4 very different areas (Centre-Ville, Ville-Marie, Mercier et/and Homa )  to discover old and new stocks from unusual places: a special toilet, tunnel, abandoned buildings and around the tracks.

Astro, Axe, Listen, Mono Sourcil, Scaner, Stela, Waxhead and much, much more !

Week 13: Pictures from March 16 to March 22
Total pictures of the week 14: 529 / in this article: 75

1. Une toilette qui s’expose ! / A very special bathroom expo

2. La cathédrale ! The hidden face of a tunnel

Very closed to it….

Labrona & Mathieu Connery

3. Quand des bâtiments abandonnés deviennent des galeries d’art à ciel ouvert / Abandoned buildings as open air gallery

A) Mercier

b) Ville-Marie

4. Le long et près des tracks / Near and around the tracks

A) Mercier


À la semaine prochaine / See you next week.

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